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Creative Ad Campaign from Brazil for the benefits of people under Sustainability theme

This piece was created under the need to spread a good message from 3 aspects:

1.How can inovation help ambiental problems? From the client persperctive.
2.How can creativity engaje audience in ambiental solution through brand campaign? – From the agency perspective.
3.How can an image induce creativity and good moods on viewers?

The solution was a piece that shows the value that the company delivers: ambiental solution. Through a creative solution using a visual metaphor for it, giving visual engajement for it. Was the most engajed piece from all their online campaign from BAKED agency in Brazil.
And from the image perspective Dado Motta the Art Director of the campaign used symmetry, for perspective well-being, color and human responses effect such as grey and “dirty” with black colors for trash and poluted ambient in the background and the blue for clear toughts (research: faber birren, frank H Mankhe, Kandisnky, Color and Marketing), white for clean and purity and symmetry for harmony (since Aristóteles up to contemporary last researches from neuroaesthetic trends).
The mix of the 3 layers created the effect you can see in the image of the campaign.Dado Motta is art director from Brazil, awarded by BASF for his image work on how colors and shapes produce good effects on viewers. Develops a professional carrer in image and aims to produce Ad Campaigns, brands and visual works taking care from the concept, images and results for benefits of viewers, clients and agency. More works: