Effective Use of Brand Purpose – WARC AWARD entry 2018
BRAND: Fundation Institute of research and study of diagnosys by image (FIDI)
AGENCY: i9 Criações
CATEGORY: Public sector, education and healtj
TEAM: The campaign was created by the art director Dado Motta, creative director Marcelo Souza, copywriter Sandro Almeida and attendance by Thamy Ayres along with music, pos-production and client team.

Executive Summary:

WHY THESE CAMPAING? – This campaign deserve an award to deliver business results to the Client, Agency, Audience and Society.- To encourage good initiatives that bring to a developing country such as Brazil the public back to consciousness, health, wellness, information, prevention, joy and meaningful message in advertising.
– Promote Societal impact
– Promote Commercial Impact

TRANSLATED VERSION FOR WARC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=271&v=U5VgcUU7fVM

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://fidi.org.br/prevencaodocancer


To raise awareness how people can prevent Cancer with practical actions, these campaign was created, handcrafted and vehiculated in Brazil during 2018 International Cancer Day. The colors like violet and lavanda used in the campaign, along with shapes where chosen by scientific studies that can reduce cancer rates along with healing audio frequencies. The good campaign, to share information, health, well-being, raise awareness of viewers worldwide gerenated a buzz on a oficial website, social media such as youtube, facebook and instagram spreading good experience for people.


Moreover the campaign spread the client’s brand purpose of HEALTH HABITS, generated leads, awareness, stimulating prevention exams and creataed a brand experience for empathy on social media and network.

The innovative way was to connect consumers, audience and potencial clients in a relevant, unique, inspiring, credible way with the brand through a video campaign in a win-win relation, where client wins, agency wins and audience wins.

– High brand awareness
– Create positive Brand experience (Emotional aspects)
– High Virality
– High likeability
– Generate leads
– Engage Audience
– Potential revenue
– Create buzz on a oficial website
– Connect audience throught social media (such as youtube, facebook and instagram spreading good experience for consumers)

– Prevent Cancer and create health, well-being and joy.
– Images and motion graphics that promote well-being according to contemporary scientific researches such as “Color and human responses” Faber Birren, “Color, Environment & human responses” Frank. H. Mankhe, “Colours of the Soul” June Mcleod.
– Scientific significant health information for brazilian audience,
– Prevention and health worldwide
– Well-being
– Honest, good and direct message