brand, art & advert Bird #3. Falcon that Laugh - brand, art & advert

Bird #3. Falcon that Laugh
1,8 x 1,1m
Acrylic on Canvas

Bird as a figurative, symbolic element. The geometry as an abstract and a rhythm element.
This serie called “Bird+Geometry” explore throught painting the relation between visual rhythm, repetition, space, interval, light, color, union and life rhythm, between the perceptive nature: rhythm in the color of the plants, the birds, the sun, passage of time, day, and geometry position and repetition.

The Bird is a symbol of connection. Between heaven and earth, good higher qualities (as spiritual, and good emotions), as it can fly or walk, or even run sometimes. Flying high as we can fly our qualities higher, better. This good emotions are meant to be in the canvas through quality with ink as medium.

Laughing Falcon is a specie that lives alone, and share a smile. This Falcon has found 2 snakes. There are a plenty of histories and practices associated with this symbol as “caduceo”, column, from earth to heaven.

Browns and gold colors where mixed and a cerulean blue was chosen due its “shadow” quality and the opposition with harmony with the gold as light.
The geometry to express harmony, the composition to express vitality.

A canvas as a window to a always sunny, bright, colorful day and night. For the one who take it to your home or business space.

Contemporary figurative art.
So the medium was chosen due its quality and durability.