brand, art & advert AWARDED by BASF - Advertising & Art - brand, art & advert

Advertising Campaign took Art to the city, making a better environment with well-being, quality of life, visual culture for 23.800 people daily and 1.4 million viewers online with the art and art direction of Dado Motta that creates images for good of viewers.

Plus the project included a free art class for students access at a public school and benefit directly the school structure itself. Dado Motta art work is based on last researches in science and art fields such as Neuroaesthetic and classic studies such as Aristotle aesthetic. The work has been awarded by BASF, SUVINIL, selected by CODAWORX as a “Beautiful project” and was published by CODAMAGAZINE selected as unique Brazilian project for the GOOD OF PEOPLE.

Hire his work. Or Share. Make a better environment. Advertising for the good.

Client: SUVINIL – BASF Group

Awards: Além da Cor – BASF group –

Selection: CODAWORX 2017, CODAWORX 2018 –

Press Release by SUVINIL:,902307,Suvinil_Alem_da_Cor_leva_mais_inspiracao_para_os_muros_das_cidades,902307,6.htm