brand, art & advert And God said "Let there be light!" And there is light! - brand, art & advert

Painting: Acrylic and Brush on Canvas.
Size: 110 H x 158 W x 4 cm
International Ships in a tube
National Ships (Brazil) Personal delivery.


This passage from Genesis mention light as living matter and source of life. First manifestation of what is good. That allows a visual art to exist: the light.

LIGHT is an electromagnetic frequency made by particles, from Newton, now called quanta and lux.

Pigments are frequencies on canvas. The light is decomposed into colors that enters thought the eyes and act both by neuroperceptive system and by light frequencies, where each color acts more in one part of the human body.

Red acting on body. circulation, renal glands, releases vitality and adrenal in blood circulation.

Orange acts on sexual organs, can stimulate joviality and is associated with creativity.

Yellow acts on internal fluids and precisely stimulates the feeling of joy.

Green acts in the heart region. Did you know that in United Kingdom BlackFriars Bridge was painted in green, after that 34% of suicide acts dropped.

Blue, increases blood pressure, Blue calms down and give mind sharpness, good color to work, improve IQ in children by up to 12 points in specific shades.

Indigo acts on top for relaxing pleasure.

Violet acts on the pineal gland and increases the ability to concentrate.

By the work and experience this innovation!


Keywords: PaintingsFine ArtBig ArtFamousCanvasConceptual ArtColorDecorationBest ArtBig CanvasArtistAwarded

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: ConceptualContemporaryFine ArtOptical

Mediums: AcrylicBrush

Materials: Canvas