brand, art & advert AWARDED ART PAINTING under Commission - brand, art & advert

The visual concept is an image to produce emotions such JOY, HAPPINESS through a piece of art, be suitable to a Café, an eating place, increase up to 80% the MEMORY of the BRAND. These painting has been done in CAFÉ ANANDA at Brooklin.
A pre project was developed, painted and approved than painted directly to the wall, with the main elements and colors of the piece. The benefits are achieved by the use of specific colors and shapes.
The orange, yellow and red are analog colors. They’re vivid! Joyfull! Hot! Increase perception (yellow), open the fovea (yellow), boost energy (red) and amplify up to 80% the memory of a situation.

The symmetry of the composition reinforce stability and the central bird with a yellow breast improve the happiness element of the composition.

HAPINNESS – Art for the well-being
Technic: Acrylic on Wall
Size: 1,29 x 5,46 meters
Author: Dado Motta
Place: Ananda Café – R. Joaquim Nabuco, 185 – Brooklyn/SP/Brazil