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Image with creativity, marketing and art quality for profit & for good.
150 satisfied clients such as BASF, SUVINIL, HONDA, NESTLÉ and others.
Awarded by biggest color industry in the world BASF, and biggest premium paint provider in Brazil Suvinil with image, art and campaign 2017. Selected Campaign by WARC AWARDS 2018 under brand purpose category. Selected by ANIMAMUNDI with animation/motion graphics. Since 2002. Welcome to make contact!

Our services are: Branding, Art direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, art murals, paintings and Yoga.

Founded by Dado Motta, awarded by BASF in 2017, biggest color industry in the world, graduated in visual arts, advertising, marketing and Branding by UEA (University of East Anglia, UK) with successful ad campaigns  for Fox Life and more works.

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Mandala is a sanskrit word that means circle, a geometric representation of the relation between unities and the environment in many contexts. Recent researches show mandalas create stability, well-being and mental order for viewers.