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Dado Motta is an art director, visual artist, marketing, branding designer and yogui.

Art Director at 6 Ad agencies such as TALENT Marcel Group, Lage Magy, DMV, i9, BAKED and and other companies responsible with all the brand imagery and advertising leading creative teams. Awarded by BASF group in 2017, biggest color chemistry provider in the world with creative large scale image. Selected by WARC AWARDS 2018 with commercial idea, ad campaign, key visual & motion for clients. seleceted by ANIMAMUNDI 2003 with 3D and 2D animation project.
Art director with 3 graduations and 14 specializations courses such as Integrated Marketing Communication at iE Business School. Branding at UEA, Ingland. Leadership at Open University. Digital Photography in Allison. Explore Filmmaking in NFST. UX/UI in UDEMY. Digital Marketing, Accenture. Social Media, Accenture. Fine Arts with A+(Belas Artes de Sao Paulo, 2004). Advertising (ESPM, 2002). Graphic Design & Illustration (Panamericana escola de Arte, 1997).

Advertising, KV, successful ad campaigns, graphic projects and images solutions for BASF, FOX LIFE, NESTLÊ, ABRIL, HONDA, LEYA, ED. NACIONAL and other companies during 19 years of experience offline and online for clients (see portifolio).

Received great reviews from international selections and was published as the unique brazilian project under the theme HOW IMAGES CAN BENEFITS HUMAN BEEINGS & HEALING ART.

Entrepreneur spirit created his own studio MANDALA in 2002.

Plus His late works have receive good reviews in USA, EUROPE and BRAZIL both by specialized image companies, direct clients, consumers and social media. One
example, out of the box, is his last campaign with large scale painting work with 1.403.776 views.

Dado Motta aims to develop in each work a better quality in image from visual branding, ad campaigns and art to develop a work that benefit the clients, consumers, brands and people with composition, shapes, colors and meanings.

More info & contact: +5511 98292 0642